Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan – Do you have one in place?

If you do – Is it up to date??

If your company computer system has just expired then you need to be up and running without delay. Once onsite we can quickly establish how we can mitigate the disaster and get the key areas of your systems operational. We understand how a small company must limit their downtime and we have a number of tools, techniques and services as well as spare parts to get you back up and running without unnecessary downtime. Often we can re-route critical services such as email, we also have our own IT and telephony suite that we can offer to our clients.

So in summary, even if your premises are under water or your computers have gone up in smoke the chances are we can help get you back in contact with your customers.

For those that have been fortunate enough not to experience the stress of an IT related disaster yet, we also offer a full disaster recovery planning package. We investigate where your vulnerabilities are, suggest alternatives and provide with your own Disaster Recovery Guide. Tailored to you, this outlines in straightforward steps what you need to do when the worst happens. For peace of mind, why trust to luck?

Services Available Include:-

Tailored Disaster Recovery Planning Package

Disaster Recovery post-event assistance

Critical service re-routing

IT and Telephony suite service