Remote Computer Help


Remote Computer and IT help


Could you benefit from remote computer help? For many computer problems, there is no need to come to your premises. This means we can fix things quickly and get your business running profitably again. We want to make fault fixing as simple as possible. We’re not limited to fault fixing either – do you need some training? Perhaps set up a new email account or change a password. Most elements of computer help and support can be done remotely and if we can’t connect then there is no charge.

How does it work?

Remote Computer help is a phone call away

Remote Computer help is a phone call away.

If you need help, Contact Us. We’ll have a brief discussion with you to understand your requirements. We’ll then quote you for the work. We can work on payment by the minute or by a fixed price. This way you have a good idea of the costs you’re going to face. No one likes nasty surprises. For remote computer help, we direct you to a small download that allows us, with your permission, to access your machine remotely. We take control of your computer and fix the problem and then hand it back to you.


Supporting and administering file servers remotely

We can also provide remote server support and systems administration.



What problems can you fix remotely?

As an example these are the sort of problems we can fix remotely:

  • Configure an email account
  • Install patches and updates
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Investigate performance and slow running
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Add new user accounts
  • Password changes
  • Configure VPN access

What we can’t do remotely:

If your machine won’t power up, we will struggle – in some cases however, a Server configured with ILO/iDRAC might be salvageable.

Slow broadband is usually the biggest problem we face but often we can do something. If the machine cannot get onto the Internet we can also struggle. Contact Us anyway even if this is the case as there might be something we can do.



Remote computer help

Remote computer help and support is only a phone call away.